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Active Components

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Micro Analog Systems Oy (MAS), founded in 1980, designs and supplies high performance analog and mixed signal integrated circuits. MAS is a privately owned fabless semiconductor company. The company headquarter is located in Helsinki, Finland. MAS has also a second design office in Tallinn, Estonia and a sales office in Hong Kong. In-house wafer level testing and final testing facility allows us to easily supply all products also as bare die.

Currently MAS product portfolio consists of Piezo buzzer and LED drivers, low power and highly stable interface ICs for capacitive and resistive MEMS pressure and other sensors as well as crystal oscillator ICs like VCTCXOs. Additionally, MAS supplies solar cell manager IC and high end volume control IC for audio applications.

ASICs are important part of MAS’ business. During the years MAS has made several hundred ASIC products for different applications in all kind of electronics from space to consumer.

Renaissance Electronics has been renowned in the industry since 1991 for our High Reliability Passive and Active components, and sub-systems, as well as providing higher-order assemblies to fulfill custom application needs in the Military and Commercial marketplace. Renaissance and its subsidiary, HXI, have provided unique solutions for applications ranging from DC through 150 GHz. Our success has been in aligning with customer’s goals and supporting them with the highest quality products and delivering in a timely manner to meet cost and schedule through Operational Excellence and Effective Communications.

Renaissance/HXI are both AS9100 quality standard certified companies and are equipped to handle engineering prototypes to volume production of reliable high-performance products. We continually live up to the industry quality standards of reliability that exemplify the Renaissance/HXI name. Our products are used in Radars, Missiles and various Communication links that rely on optimized bandwidth and range. Our products are on multiple Military platforms that are mission critical and demand superlative performance under the most stringent operating conditions. In the recent past, we have successfully designed products for Space applications that enable efficient data links between satellite and ground stations.


HXI LLC, a subsidiary of Renaissance Electronics & Communications, LLC, is a leading supplier of millimeter-wave products, including point-to-point radio links, transceivers for radars and communications systems, plus a wide range of component-level products up to 110 GHz. Among our component products are LNAs, power amplifiers, mixers and upconverters, frequency multipliers, switches, detectors, oscillators and isolators/circulators.

HXI was originally founded to provide 60 GHz radio links for the Japanese and American markets – Today, our standard point-to-point radio links include digital radio links at 60 GHz (V-Band) and 70/80 GHz (E-Band). We also provide analog links and digital links to custom specifications for specialized applications.

HXI’s understanding and knowledge of FMCW and pulsed radars makes it possible for us to work closely with radar signal processing providers or directly with customers that have a basic functional need for a radar/sensor, but don’t want to get caught up in the technical side of specifying, designing or manufacturing hardware.

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