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Perfection Is a Key

electronics ltd.



Dawntek Electronics Ltd. Was founded in 1993, an Israeli leading foreign manufactures representative & distributor covering the following main areas of the electronic industry: Components, R F Components, LCD & Power Supply. 

Dawntek Electronics marketing strategy is to develop long term partnerships with her customers & suppliers, based on wide offering of complimentary products that makes the company powerful and attractive in the market.

In this way the company has built herself over the years and will continue to expand in this direction.

Our staff includes professional sales & field application engineers. We support the engineering groups of our customers along over the design of their projects; this ensures we will win most of our potential designs. Dawntek Electronics is recognized as a high reputation company in the Israel Electronic Industry.

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Our Markets

DAWNTEK serves an assortment of applications in a variety of markets spanning the globe.


defense and aerospace markets support increasing threat detection needs, expanding covert surveillance capabilities, remote vehicle capabilities (which require power and weight reductions) and military communications. 


Dawntek offers a variety of materials and electronic components for the medical market.

Experienced in applications such as CPAP machines, medical equipment control panels, mobility scooters, ultrasonic imaging, intra-vascular ultrasonic imaging and therapeutic ultrasound


electronic components for the information technology and telecommunications market. These can be found in macro cell base stations, small cell base stations, satellite communication systems, back-haul communication applications, wireless and wireline infrastructure


offers a variety of advanced materials and electronic components for the industrial marketplace. Serving market sectors that include industrial inkjet, commercial sonar, test and measurement equipment, HVAC, security systems, LED lighting, and more


leading provider of discrete position sensing solutions and the application of actuators in harsh environments. Vertically integrated, providing the highest quality and speed to market

Green Energy

We believe in the new and evolving world and offer you a complete range of electronic components for green world



At Dawntek we have 4 divisions which each of them deal with different electronics components in the mpst professional manner.


Knowledge and Experience

More than 30 years of experience in the electronics components industry.

Inventory retention

Dawntek enables its strategic customers to keep long term inventory under flexible terms. according to the demands of the customer.

High Quality

Todays advanced market require quality and reliable products and dawntek can provide you the perfect solution.

Engineering Consulting

Experienced team that can take your project to the next level and high performance.

Fast Service

Thanks to our business relations with our suppliers we are always on time.

Professional and Fast Communication

We believe in striving for excellence, we are available for you 24/7 and always pleased to be at your service.

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