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Passive Components

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CTS Corporation designs, manufactures and sells a broad line of electronic components and sensors, and a provider of electronics manufacturing services (EMS), primarily serving the electronic needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

CTS product lines serve major markets around the world, which include the automotive, computer, and communication markets, with a wide range of products, services, technologies and capabilities that part of them include:

RF and Microwave Filters: Ceramic Duplexers, Crystals Filters,

Frequency Products: TCXO, VCO'S, OCXO'S, Clock Oscillatrs, Quartz Crystals Resounators

Electro Products and Resistors: Dip Switches, Rotary And other Power Switches,Resistors Network and Arrays

In production process, we obey the IPC610 (level 3) standard.

The various quality standards and techniques being implemented are PPAP, AQL, Process FMEA, Design FMEA, Robust Design, TQM, SPC, R&R, Process Capability Analysis and Reliability Engineering. Our Quality Control Department is composed of IQC, PQC, FQC and QA divisions.

Our team of 150 well-qualified employees maintains and audits our quality system. Every product is thoroughly examined by the Quality Assurance Department before delivery. We have also introduced a series of LCD evaluation processes to keep track of the samples and finished products quality.

For instance, our quality control for automotive products is as following:

– Using automatic photo recognizer to defect missing segment, extra segment, etc.
– 300% Inspection ( Cosmetic & Functional ): Production, QA & PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection)


MECHATRONICS CORPORATION is a privately held marketing, distribution, and manufacturing company that was founded in 1984. Today, the corporation is comprised of four operating groups that serve diverse markets.


Established in 1997, Trxcom is a leading manufacturer of RJ45 connectorwith magnetics, lan transformer, Audio transformer in the world. We have 1000staff at present, all products are RoHs, UL, ISO9000, ISO9001:2008 approved.With the abundant productive

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Polytronics Technology Corporation (PTTC) designs, develops and manufactures circuit protection devices that ensure the safety and reliability of today's high density electronics systems. Since its inception, Polytronics has focused exclusively on Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC, or polymeric PTC) product development and manufacturing, and has launched a series of overcurrent circuit protection devices.

Polytronics ' multiple-product families include surface-mount devices (SMDs), radial-leaded devices (RLDs), axial-leaded devices (ALDs) and many other custom-designed products. In contrast to one-time fuse, EVERFUSE® is a polymeric PTC fuse which can be used multiple times. It can sense, regulate, and protect the circuit from any overcurrent events and reset itself after removal of the fault conditions. Therefore, EVERFUSE® is ideal, over a broad voltage range, for overcurrent circuit protection applications such as Computers, Peripherals, General Electronics, Batteries, Telecommunications systems, etc. Essentially, it can be applied almost anywhere there is a load to be protected.

Guided by its spirit of innovation, specialization, diligence and teamwork, Polytronics continues to realize the vast potential of EVERFUSE® technology and provide its customers with novel solutions to their diverse needs.

About the financial report and information please connect with

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