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Led & Display

The LED display consists of three parts: the main LED display, the content source, and the controller. The display consists of multiple LED display panels that are connected and make up the main body of the led display. When all the panels are connected, they come together to seamlessly show the generated content.

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In production process, we obey the IPC610 (level 3) standard.

The various quality standards and techniques being implemented are PPAP, AQL, Process FMEA, Design FMEA, Robust Design, TQM, SPC, R&R, Process Capability Analysis and Reliability Engineering. Our Quality Control Department is composed of IQC, PQC, FQC and QA divisions.

Our team of 150 well-qualified employees maintains and audits our quality system. Every product is thoroughly examined by the Quality Assurance Department before delivery. We have also introduced a series of LCD evaluation processes to keep track of the samples and finished products quality.

For instance, our quality control for automotive products is as following:

– Using automatic photo recognizer to defect missing segment, extra segment, etc.
– 300% Inspection ( Cosmetic & Functional ): Production, QA & PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection)

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